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German Team Heads For Olympic Saint Hubert Medals

A gold mine shuts down at the same time as the people in the area start wanting to buy more gold… and the price just about stays the same. Why? Because the global demand and supply has hardly changed… it’s only changed in that particular area so it doesn’t make any difference to the global price.

So the best you can do with gold is to buy it in a country where the price is

lowest and sell in Saint Hubert a country where the St Hubert Medal price is highest. But after you’ve paid for shipping (it’s VERY heavy) you’re not left with much profit. You’d have to ship TONS of the stuff and ALL the time to make any cool money.

 Which is possible.

But on eBay, the perception of supply and demand can be changed. You can make the supply look low and the demand high… regardless of the global price.

This means you can buy gold from someone who has made the supply look high/demand look low and resell it making the supply look low/demand look high.

I call it “Supply and demand intensification”.

It’s a VERY powerful strategy indeed!

Before I give you the example, let me explain how it works…

For a supply to be perceived as high, the Saint Hubert item must be everywhere you look. Loads of people all selling the same thing means you can get one at any time… sometimes if you wait long enough the effects of competition will force the prices down.

So you get loads of people selling it and not many rushing to buy it.

But if it’s a one off Saint Hubert , immediately you’ve got a situation where the supply is VERY low AND loads of people all rushing to buy it (Because it’s scarce)

As a result, the selling price goes through the roof!

So when using this strategy, your main objective is to position your item as a one off. And the only way to do this, because of the fact that eBay has set categories with no option but to be listed with all the others, is to insert the word ‘Rare’ into your main title.

Buyers use the word ‘Rare’ in addition to their item keyword to whittle down the results and save them time looking. So instead of just typing ‘Gold’ they type in ‘Gold rare’ or ‘Rare gold’.

EBay then searches for all titles with those two keywords in.